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Remarketing and types of Remarketing

Remarketing is the strategy of the company to reestablish a product or service in the market as a result of decreasing sales. i.e., when the sales of any product or service of the company reduces then they reintroduce that product or service in the market to increase the interests of the customer towards that product or service and enhance the sale of the product. Remarketing is the technique to get back and to deliver message to those customers who leave the site and lost their interest on product or website. To use remarketing for your site, you first have to set up a JavaScript code. This code helps you to drop cookie whenever a new visitor visit your site. So, whenever your visitor visits another site, your website ads shown to him

Types of Remarketing

  1. Search Remarketing: Search remarketing focus on those visitors who make their inquiry by using keywords. When a visitor searching for information or solution, then they show their interest in your company.
  2. Site Remarketing: Site remarketing shows advertisement when visitor leave the site. i.e., after leaving the site by the visitor, ads shown to them. All this happen because of site remarketing.
  3. Email Marketing: Remarketing with the help of email clients like Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc is email marketing. Email marketing shows your ads to those users who open your emails.
  4. Social Media remarketing: Remarketing of product and service by using social media is known as social media remarketing. First visit any site and then open social media, in social media you see the ads of the site which you open previously.


YouTube Marketing

youtube marketing

YouTube is a video sharing website where you can share content by creating videos which attract audience, are helpful for them and fulfill their requirements.Communicating the value of all such content which is available on YouTube for the purpose of promotion of brands and products is known as YouTube marketing.

Now the question rises why YouTube marketing is so important?

The answer would be that:

  • YouTube is the second greatest search engine in the world. Google owns YouTube and it is one of the search engines, which are preferred by people to meet their need.
  • More than one billion new users visit YouTube per month.
  • Thousand of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute.
  • YouTube is focalized in more than 60 countries and in more than 60 languages.
  • Millions of people subscribe on YouTube every day.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

  1. Create fascinating videos: Create those kinds of videos, which would attract an audience and fulfill their requirements. Your aim is to create videos, which are helpful, beneficial and appealing to your target audience.
  2. Your video must be searchable: Videos, which you create must be searchable. i.e. videos must easily be searched for by the audience not only on YouTube but also outside YouTube. For achieving this you have to focus on three areas; video must contain a title, a description and certain relevant keywords.
  3. Focus on thumbnail of video: Thumbnail is the first thing, which is noticed by the visitors. So, you must focus on creating nice and attractive thumbnails while making videos.
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