SEO friendly Web Design

SEO friendly Web Design

seo freiendly web design

The design of a website does not only affect the user experience(UX), but also the SEO(Search engine optimization). A webpage/Website doesn’t look the same to search engine  as it looks to us . We are going to discuss how to create a webpage, So, That is looks same to human and search engine.These are top 15 Tips for web designers and web developers to build SEO friendly website

  1. Keywords Based Content: Keywords are the most important part of any search engine optimization. Without correct keyword search engines; and your target client may never find you/your site. So plan your keyword even before the web designing is startedKeyword Planning
    1. Create a list of possible keywords
    2. Use these keyword in research Planner tool (Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker etc)
    3. Finalize your keyword list based on mounthly traffic and product/Service need
    4. Use these Keywords

    Keyword Placement Areas

    It is very important to put keywords on the right position on web page,

    Title tag
    Meta description
    Meta keywords
    Website slogans
    H1, H2 and H3 tags
    Bullet points
    Alt text
    Title attribute on links
    Internal links
    Footer links
    In URL’s
    In File / folder names

  2. Create text links in footer to support your navigation. It is very useful for both the users and for the search engines.
  3. Create breadcrumb navigation to allow users to  track  their location within your website and also to help search engines to understand your website structure.
  4. Make each page as if they are unique and put links and navigation to support that page so that user can access all required information and support information easily
  5.  Create fast loading website as slow loading website is  a reason for higher bounce rate and lower seo rankings.
  6. Put engaging content on your website that enables users to interact, comment or share it with other.
  7. Put social media share option on your site
  8. Use appealing and relevant images with proper name and alt information  .
  9. Avoid using flash for navigation.
  10. Avoid the excessive use of JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX. It can make site slower and also some mobile devices have problems with JavaScript.
  11. Use only Original content and created as per SEO content rule.
  12. Define language and country in header
  13. put address of you Physical store/Outlet/Service in address tag
  14. Put Favicon and proper readable text on web page.

How to use Google/Bing webmaster tools to improve your SEO

Webmaster tools

Webmaster tools(Google and Bing) are  the most useful tools today for SEO. Both google and Bing webmaster can give you a lot of information about your website. If you have a  website and you are not using these tool, you are  missing  a lot of features that can make your SEO easier and most effective.
These are the way webmaster tools can help us in seo
    1. HTML Improvements(Google)/SEO Analyzer(Bing): Help you to improve your website basic seo setting
    2. Geo targeting: Webmaster help you in targetting your customer by defining your TARGET USERS(geo targets). means without using area specific domain you can target that region by defining TARGET USERS
    3. Search Queries: It shows you  which keywords is bringing  Google/Bing traffic to your website. Also it shows the keyword searches that triggered your website to appear in Google/Bing search result. You can use its impressions (how many times a web page from your website appeared in the search results) and CTR to plan your keyword and contents.
    4. Tracking Incoming links: Webmaster tool help you to  know number of links pointing to your website (homepage or other pages)
      This can help you in
      • which websites is link to your site
      • which terms they use to link your site
      • which pages from your website have more links
      • Help you to find out and remove them
    5. Google/Bing penalty: Google and Bing can impose penalties to your websites if they will found duplicate/ no Quality content(manual penalties) or if you are not following their rules(algorith)
      Google shows manual penality Under the MANUAL ACTIONS option and for algorithmic penalities you need to read algorith updates.
    6. Crawler Error: If the search engine  cannot access or read your website properly then it is very difficult to get  good rankings. Bing and google help you to get your website crawled by fetch as google(In google webmaster)/Sumit URL(Bing webmaster)
    7. Submit Sitemap:- Sitemap(XML sitemap) is a list of urls that Google/Bing take into account when crawling your website.
    8. Hacked or Website affected by Malware: Google/bing  can inform you if they detect wrong  happening(Site hacked or affected by malware) on your website. This make it necessary to  have email notifications activated.