What is Website Maintenance?

What is Website Maintenance?

What is Website Maintenance?

Every website needs to get updated in terms of content or small changes in web layout/Styling to give it fresh look and feel. These need to be done daily, weekly or monthly & come under “Website Maintenance services”.

Web Maintenance services include revising content, editing content, or changing existing web pages layout. The web maintenance service not only helps to keep website fresh but also to get good rank on search engines as they prefer to list live(regularly getting update)sites . Certain times, a customer might be looking for services like adding a new email id in contact form, adding an offer or updating banners. These small changes are also part of web maintenance services.

What is included in “Web Maintenance”?

  • Website housekeeping i.e. Theme/Navigation and plug-in updates.
  • Image replacement i.e. Banner,pictures &/ or graphics.
  • Content updates i.e. Promotional announcements,blog, videos etc.
  • Page Update i.e. Adding/modifying/ removing pages.
  • CMS updates e.g. WordPress/Joomla/Drupal version update
  • Website Backup
  • Database Backup
  • Gallery Update
  • E-commerce website product updates.
  • On Page SEO related updates

Why SocialRaga?

Timing – We generally do the updates within few hours or same day.

Proactive – If you have registred with us for a regular maintenance services, we regularly check the area where maintenance required like plug-ins, spell check, responsive behaviour etc and update it asap without even getting a request from client side.Other work that we do on regular base is data base and site backups.

Good listeners – We listen to you closely, involve team to understand your Query/Problem or request. After going through these processes, we provide you the offer that best fits your requirement.

Accountability – We respect your time and money & give you the right measure of time and money for your website maintenance services .


HTML WEBSITE MAINTENANCE PLAN Includes four hours of website maintenance per month. This plan is Perfect for small websites of 3-10
Package Plan: Call or share your number and we will call you
CMS WEBSITE MAINTENANCE PLAN Includes 8 hours of website maintenance per month. This plan is Perfect for CMS websites of 10-50 pages.This is the best package for maintaining search engine positions & updating content.
Package Plan:Call or share your number and we will call you
E-Commerce WEBSITE MAINTENANCE PLAN Includes 20  hours of E-Commerce website maintenance per month. This plan is Perfect for large websites of 50 pages or more
Package Plan:Call or share your number and we will call you
If your needs Html/CMS/ E-commerce MAINTENANCE PLANS exceed any of our pre-packaged plans you can contact us  and we can offer you custom package for your need

For more Information on our Web Maintenance  services – mail us at Info@SocialRaga.com

Landing page


landing-page-bannerLanding page is the heart of any PPC marketing campaign. We use Google AdWords, Bings Ads to drive traffic to your website. But for every keywords or product, traffic should reach a page where the required product/services information is available for the customer. If a proper landing page exists, it increases the conversion rate to multiple times.

In general a landing page is a standalone web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on clicking on a PPC campaign Advertisement. Landing page in generally distinct from main website and it has been designed for a single focused objective, to help guide the visitor towards conversion goal.

There are 2 types of landing pages:

1. Click Through
2. Lead Generation

Landing page design and development must follow certain rules as Google AdWords or Bing Ads rank your landing pages too. The better your landing page score, the better will be your Ad positioning cost per click and overall PPC advertising success.

Plan your landing page for Google AdWords campaigns:

1. Text:The paragraph text on the landing page should contain the keywords related to search term as closely as possible.

2. H-Tags: Heading Tags are a crucial element of the text on a page. H-tags must include keywords that you have used in the ad group. Including keywords in heading that tell Google or Bing that the content on landing page is related to these words.
We should use one H1 tag then any number of H2 through H6 tags in the appropriate order.

3. ALT Text on Images:Search engines cannot read images. So we need to give descriptions of the images on the page these descriptions should be included in the ALT attribute.

Meta Data:Search engines scan your landing page to understand what is it related to? So its very important to use keywords in the meta descriptions and title of the landing page.

Page Load Speed:Page speed is important for the success of PPC campaign. It has been observed that a fast loading page has higher visibility and fast conversion rate.

For creating a good Landing page you should understand.

1. Target market: The better you understand your target market(customer), the more you can capture them with Google AdWords or Bing Adsand the better you can design your landing page by keeping in mind your customer forhigher conversions.

2. Offers: You should be clear about your offers, aware about yourcompetitors marketing and should focus on your product USP

3. Competition: You need to know your competitors and competition in market. You can than plan better landing page and can target better.

You need to understand that Google likes landing pages that are:
1. Relevant
2. Useful
3. Unique
4. Easy to navigate
5. Trustworthy
6. And follow direction of Google Adwords Campaigns

Socialraga provides Landing pages designing services for every kid of PPC Campaign.

Social Raga PPC Packages


You have started a new E-commerce/Online business and looking for customer/ traffic to generate business. The easiest way to achieve is Search Engine Marketing or pay per click marketing (PPC). Using Google(Google adwords) or Bing (Bing Ads) or Facebook (Facebook for Business) Pay per click services you can get traffic of interested customer to your website.
But creating a good PPC campaign is very important. A good PPC campaign not only gives traffic but you generate sells. Social Raga is one of the best pay per click management company with the help of its Expert professionals it provides you best PPC Services in Delhi NCR.

Social Raga PPC Packages contains:

1. Account Set up: – Google/ Bing / Facebook (best social media campaign) or all the three

2. PPC Strategy Planning: To make PPC campaign effective for you, we try to understand Your business, industry, competitors and your product or service UPS’s. In Strategy planning we use all data to plan best campaign

3. Campaign Setup: Keyword Research, Ad Designing, Bid Setup, Landing Page Optimization and designing, Generating and implementing Conversion tracking Code.

4. Ad Designing and Optimization : Text Ads, Image Ads, Remarketing Ad

5. PPC Maintenance Services : PPC Monitoring, Landing Page Designing and Optimization based on feedback and requirement, CTR Analysis, Keyword Refinements, Bid Refinements,

6. Campaign Performance Reporting: We also provide support services for pay per click management services / adwords management services like Landing Page Designing, Keyword Research etc.