Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services


In recent years, social media marketing has gone from an optional to important piece of a successful digital marketing strategy.

As a business owner, you have thousands things to do every day, social media posting could be one of them. But getting Quality post is not easy for you. You need a team of graphics designers, Content Writer, Content Planner, Social Media expert for it.

Updating regularly your social media profiles with professionally designed graphics and content attract viewers and increase your brand presence and sells.

When Social Media Marketing done correctly, social media platforms generates leads and sells and build trust with Customers and prospects Customers .The look & feel, message that your social media graphics portray are just as important as your website.

Social Raga offers different social media Marketing services

  1. Social Media Graphics Design Services: We provide high-quality social media graphics Design packages for all major social media platforms –

Facebook: Cover Photo, Shared Image, Highlighted Image

Twitter: Profile Photo, In-Stream Photo, Header Photo

LinkedIn: Personal Profile Picture,Personal Background Image, Banner Image for Brand (Company) Pages, Hero Image

Google+: Profile Picture, Cover Image, Shared Image

YouTube: Channel Cover Photo, Video Uploads

Pinterest: Profile Picture,Pin Sizes, Board Display

Instagram: Photo Size

  1. Social media content management Services: Our social media content management Services is to help busy business man to maintain a solid presence on top social media, so that when customers or potential customers go looking for your product or services you are there.

This Service Include

  1. a) Content Creation and Management For Social Media platforms
  2. b) Community Building
  3. C) Community Engagement
  4. d) Brand Building
  5. e) Responding to comment and posts, tweets
  6. f) Reputation Management
  7. g) Social Search Optimization




  1. Social Media Consultancy: We help Businesses and Brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in Social Media. We help them to use latest social media technologies to create short term and long term business value through different Social Media Channels.

We first understand your brand, product, services and competitors. We than recommend/create Social Media Strategies through


Planning – Creation – Engagement – Evaluation, Training, Provide ad-hoc social media consultancy and advice.

We help business to engage in Social Media by having meaningful conversations, Engagement Campaigns, Community Building and Management, Social Platforms and Applications, Conversation Response and Reputation Management.

Our Social Media Consulting team work in sync with your existing online marketing team and ensuring a transparent strategy is managed and maintained.


  1. CONTENT MARKETING: Content development is an art .Crafting and distributing relevant, valuable content to customers or probable customers so that they genuinely want to read your content is very important. Our team of professional content developers help you to create creative, attractive, SEO friendly and unique value content.



We provide services that includes


  1. a) Developing promotional and research based website content
  2. b) Developing articles and
  3. c) Developing Blog Content
  4. d) Press Releases Creation


Landing page


landing-page-bannerLanding page is the heart of any PPC marketing campaign. We use Google AdWords, Bings Ads to drive traffic to your website. But for every keywords or product, traffic should reach a page where the required product/services information is available for the customer. If a proper landing page exists, it increases the conversion rate to multiple times.

In general a landing page is a standalone web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on clicking on a PPC campaign Advertisement. Landing page in generally distinct from main website and it has been designed for a single focused objective, to help guide the visitor towards conversion goal.

There are 2 types of landing pages:

1. Click Through
2. Lead Generation

Landing page design and development must follow certain rules as Google AdWords or Bing Ads rank your landing pages too. The better your landing page score, the better will be your Ad positioning cost per click and overall PPC advertising success.

Plan your landing page for Google AdWords campaigns:

1. Text:The paragraph text on the landing page should contain the keywords related to search term as closely as possible.

2. H-Tags: Heading Tags are a crucial element of the text on a page. H-tags must include keywords that you have used in the ad group. Including keywords in heading that tell Google or Bing that the content on landing page is related to these words.
We should use one H1 tag then any number of H2 through H6 tags in the appropriate order.

3. ALT Text on Images:Search engines cannot read images. So we need to give descriptions of the images on the page these descriptions should be included in the ALT attribute.

Meta Data:Search engines scan your landing page to understand what is it related to? So its very important to use keywords in the meta descriptions and title of the landing page.

Page Load Speed:Page speed is important for the success of PPC campaign. It has been observed that a fast loading page has higher visibility and fast conversion rate.

For creating a good Landing page you should understand.

1. Target market: The better you understand your target market(customer), the more you can capture them with Google AdWords or Bing Adsand the better you can design your landing page by keeping in mind your customer forhigher conversions.

2. Offers: You should be clear about your offers, aware about yourcompetitors marketing and should focus on your product USP

3. Competition: You need to know your competitors and competition in market. You can than plan better landing page and can target better.

You need to understand that Google likes landing pages that are:
1. Relevant
2. Useful
3. Unique
4. Easy to navigate
5. Trustworthy
6. And follow direction of Google Adwords Campaigns

Socialraga provides Landing pages designing services for every kid of PPC Campaign.

Social Raga PPC Packages


You have started a new E-commerce/Online business and looking for customer/ traffic to generate business. The easiest way to achieve is Search Engine Marketing or pay per click marketing (PPC). Using Google(Google adwords) or Bing (Bing Ads) or Facebook (Facebook for Business) Pay per click services you can get traffic of interested customer to your website.
But creating a good PPC campaign is very important. A good PPC campaign not only gives traffic but you generate sells. Social Raga is one of the best pay per click management company with the help of its Expert professionals it provides you best PPC Services in Delhi NCR.

Social Raga PPC Packages contains:

1. Account Set up: – Google/ Bing / Facebook (best social media campaign) or all the three

2. PPC Strategy Planning: To make PPC campaign effective for you, we try to understand Your business, industry, competitors and your product or service UPS’s. In Strategy planning we use all data to plan best campaign

3. Campaign Setup: Keyword Research, Ad Designing, Bid Setup, Landing Page Optimization and designing, Generating and implementing Conversion tracking Code.

4. Ad Designing and Optimization : Text Ads, Image Ads, Remarketing Ad

5. PPC Maintenance Services : PPC Monitoring, Landing Page Designing and Optimization based on feedback and requirement, CTR Analysis, Keyword Refinements, Bid Refinements,

6. Campaign Performance Reporting: We also provide support services for pay per click management services / adwords management services like Landing Page Designing, Keyword Research etc.

Why to choose Social Raga for Infographics Designing services in Delhi NCR?


Social Raga is a well known company, serving top quality Infographic service as our team has years of experience in infographics designing for different kinds of businesses, including top rated companies. We always make sure that our clients are provided with excellent quality infographics to represent their business among their customers. Thus, we are the best infographic designing company on the basis on following reasons:

  1. Different kinds of infographics: Social Raga is one of those companies who provide different kinds of infographics as per your requirement. We provide different kinds of infographics like static infographics, dynamic infographics, short infographics and 3D infographics as your requirement.
  2. Highly experienced and skilled infographic designers: Social Raga has a team of experts who have years of experience in infographic designing. They provide our clients the unique and interactive infographic designs which fulfill their requirement and also with better look which attract people.
  3. Affordable Prices: We provide infographic design service at affordable price. Social Raga provides all kinds of infographic at cheaper rate which cannot be provided by any other company in Delhi-NCR. The prices charge by Social Raga is best suited to you and being negotiable as comparable to its benefits.
  4. Assurance of providing Satisfied Service: Social raga gives you assurance of providing satisfied service. Because for Social Raga customer satisfaction is main priority and our entire team always work on this phenomenon, they always work to give 100% to Social Raga’s clients.
  5. New and Unique concepts: Social Raga always works on new and unique concepts so that our infographics grab the attention of visitors and turns to higher SEO which turns to give higher conversion rates. The concepts which we choose are very helpful for users and fulfill the main purpose of infographic to provide information to the users.


Different Types of Marketing on Facebook


  1. Original Facebook Ads: These ads are also known as marketplace ad which is mostly appears on right hand side column of the pages. These kinds of ad are most popular ads and used the same format which is used in online ads i.e., consists of headline, image and some text. These ads help to get users on external websites, to enhance the conversion rates. These ads are very effective if your ads have very strong and useful image and content.
  2. Promoted Posts: In promoted posts, facebook page owners pay a flat rate to get specific number of users which enhance the specific post’s impression and reach. Facebook promote post are visible to the existing fans but comes with the additional option to reach the friends of the existing fans. However, promoted post ads do not offer the targeting option to get target audience which other facebook ads usually offer.
  3. Sponsored Stories: Sponsored Stories is a Facebook ad that shows a user’s interactions, such as a Facebook like, to the user’s friends. The main aim of the sponsored stories is that the users take the same action like their friends take. Sponsored Stories get preferred positioning, capable of appearing in news feeds and the right side bar.
  4. Page Likes: If you have more likes on facebook then it can be a great thing because of some reasons. One you get soundness on the social site, when anyone finds your company on facebook they finds your page and also see the high amount of happy customers and this will enhance your conversion rate.
  5. Page Post Engagement: This type of ad can boost a status, photo, video, website link or offer that you’ve already posted to a much larger audience to increase likes, shares and comments. These are the best types of ads to drive users on your posts.
  6. Click Websites: These ads are like post engagement ads, but their main focus is to drive traffic to your website. The ads have a click option which gets the users to your site. That’s why these ads play great role to get traffic on your brand websites.

What is video SEO?


Video SEO is used to optimize video content to get search engine traffic. The purpose behind Video SEO is to optimize the content on video so that the traffic is diverted towards your site not to your video hosting provider, and also popular as vSEO.

Tips of Video SEO

  1. The content used in video must be useful and provide solution to the targeted audience. You should provide good quality content in your videos which is useful, solve problem of the users or provide new information to the users.
  2. Focus on the usage of video title, video thumbnail, meta tags, keywords and meta description. If you use all such tools in smart manner, you can grab the high amount of targeted audience and also get top position on search engine rankings.
  3. If you want more traffic or more SEO value then you should host your videos on your own domains. Vimeo and YouTube have their own place but you should them on your own domain for higher SEO value.
  4. Link building and social media sharing of videos is great tools to enhance the reachability of your videos. In link building, you can generate many links to your website and some of them to the mist popular domain also. Try to share your videos on social media websites to target your audience.
  5. Product videos are perhaps the most common way to enhance the conversion rate of your website using video content. Hundreds and thousands of companies are using of product videos these days, and it’s easy to see why.