5 SEO Tips for 2016


    1. Optimize Site for mobile: Most people nowadays use their smart mobile for reading articles, blogs, news etc., so you must ensure that the content must be easily searchable on mobile phones. You must make sure that Google must understand and search your content on the mobile apps and must focus on the marketing of the app with respect to SEO, because it is the great opportunity to grab the targeted audience and on the B to B marketing side.
    2. Blog/Article writing: If you create a blog-page and post it only one blog in it, it makes no sense and your blog becomes useless. From the SEO point of view, you must post blogs regularly based on your client’s needs and by focusing on your industry. In the meantime, it must gain popularity as it helps you to top rankings on search engines. One thing you must ensure while writing blogs is that your content must be relevant, useful and well structured, so that people would want to link it again and again. This is the best way to earn back-links.
    3. Put a testimonial on Site: Testimonial building is the best way to push your site on top of search engine rankings. This is the perfect way by which you can gain the trust of your customer, get backlinks and get targeted audience for your site. It also has a higher approval rate than any link requests e-mail.
    4. Voice Search Is future: Today when the demand of mobile search is enhancing, the demand of voice search is also become higher. People find it easier to search by speaking instead of typing their query. Most of the people use voice search to locate the businesses, products and services etc. which they require. The voice search trend means businesses have to optimize their websites to catch these consumers. ‘Search Engine Journal‘ also focuses that users following up their questions will become common in voice search, as only a some amount of information can be delivered in every feedback.
    5. Interactive Content: The content which you used in your site must be interactive. Infographics is the most widely used tool for providing interactive content but you can opt for other options like online quizzes etc. Interactive content helps you to get user engagement and interaction with the brand. And the best tool to get user interaction are the smart phones.
 5 SEO Tips for 2016

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