Difference between Facebook and Google Ads

Difference between Facebook and Google Ads

1. The main difference between Facebook and Google ads is the content, which is searched for by the users. Google Users actively search for information on the Google. On the other hand,Facebook ads are based upon the user’s interest. When the users search on Google, they find exactly what they want but on Facebook, you can advertise even those products, which they are not searching.

2. Facebook helps you to reach a targeted audience. When users “Like” pages then advertisers know exactly who are interested in buying their products and reach targeted customers. On the other hand, if you want to reach targeted audience through Google ads, then you have to use keywords.

3. The next difference between Facebook and Google ads is the cost of advertising. Advertisement on Facebook is cheap or inexpensive. On the other hand, advertising on Google is expensive as compared to Facebook.

4. The main purpose for which Facebook ads are used is branding.If you want to enhance your brand name, then Facebook Ads are one of the best options and if the purpose is to generate business then Google ads are a better platform to advertise your business.

5. When it comes to Mobiles, Ads on Google are more mobile-friendly so it is easier for users to watch ads on Google. Facebook is also working towards making it’s ads more mobile-friendly but for now, Google has the upper edge.

 Difference between Facebook and Google Ads

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