Different Types of Marketing on Facebook


  1. Original Facebook Ads: These ads are also known as marketplace ad which is mostly appears on right hand side column of the pages. These kinds of ad are most popular ads and used the same format which is used in online ads i.e., consists of headline, image and some text. These ads help to get users on external websites, to enhance the conversion rates. These ads are very effective if your ads have very strong and useful image and content.
  2. Promoted Posts: In promoted posts, facebook page owners pay a flat rate to get specific number of users which enhance the specific post’s impression and reach. Facebook promote post are visible to the existing fans but comes with the additional option to reach the friends of the existing fans. However, promoted post ads do not offer the targeting option to get target audience which other facebook ads usually offer.
  3. Sponsored Stories: Sponsored Stories is a Facebook ad that shows a user’s interactions, such as a Facebook like, to the user’s friends. The main aim of the sponsored stories is that the users take the same action like their friends take. Sponsored Stories get preferred positioning, capable of appearing in news feeds and the right side bar.
  4. Page Likes: If you have more likes on facebook then it can be a great thing because of some reasons. One you get soundness on the social site, when anyone finds your company on facebook they finds your page and also see the high amount of happy customers and this will enhance your conversion rate.
  5. Page Post Engagement: This type of ad can boost a status, photo, video, website link or offer that you’ve already posted to a much larger audience to increase likes, shares and comments. These are the best types of ads to drive users on your posts.
  6. Click Websites: These ads are like post engagement ads, but their main focus is to drive traffic to your website. The ads have a click option which gets the users to your site. That’s why these ads play great role to get traffic on your brand websites.
 Different Types of Marketing on Facebook

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