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landing-page-bannerLanding page is the heart of any PPC marketing campaign. We use Google AdWords, Bings Ads to drive traffic to your website. But for every keywords or product, traffic should reach a page where the required product/services information is available for the customer. If a proper landing page exists, it increases the conversion rate to multiple times.

In general a landing page is a standalone web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on clicking on a PPC campaign Advertisement. Landing page in generally distinct from main website and it has been designed for a single focused objective, to help guide the visitor towards conversion goal.

There are 2 types of landing pages:

1. Click Through
2. Lead Generation

Landing page design and development must follow certain rules as Google AdWords or Bing Ads rank your landing pages too. The better your landing page score, the better will be your Ad positioning cost per click and overall PPC advertising success.

Plan your landing page for Google AdWords campaigns:

1. Text:The paragraph text on the landing page should contain the keywords related to search term as closely as possible.

2. H-Tags: Heading Tags are a crucial element of the text on a page. H-tags must include keywords that you have used in the ad group. Including keywords in heading that tell Google or Bing that the content on landing page is related to these words.
We should use one H1 tag then any number of H2 through H6 tags in the appropriate order.

3. ALT Text on Images:Search engines cannot read images. So we need to give descriptions of the images on the page these descriptions should be included in the ALT attribute.

Meta Data:Search engines scan your landing page to understand what is it related to? So its very important to use keywords in the meta descriptions and title of the landing page.

Page Load Speed:Page speed is important for the success of PPC campaign. It has been observed that a fast loading page has higher visibility and fast conversion rate.

For creating a good Landing page you should understand.

1. Target market: The better you understand your target market(customer), the more you can capture them with Google AdWords or Bing Adsand the better you can design your landing page by keeping in mind your customer forhigher conversions.

2. Offers: You should be clear about your offers, aware about yourcompetitors marketing and should focus on your product USP

3. Competition: You need to know your competitors and competition in market. You can than plan better landing page and can target better.

You need to understand that Google likes landing pages that are:
1. Relevant
2. Useful
3. Unique
4. Easy to navigate
5. Trustworthy
6. And follow direction of Google Adwords Campaigns

Socialraga provides Landing pages designing services for every kid of PPC Campaign.

 Landing page


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