What is video SEO?


Video SEO is used to optimize video content to get search engine traffic. The purpose behind Video SEO is to optimize the content on video so that the traffic is diverted towards your site not to your video hosting provider, and also popular as vSEO.

Tips of Video SEO

  1. The content used in video must be useful and provide solution to the targeted audience. You should provide good quality content in your videos which is useful, solve problem of the users or provide new information to the users.
  2. Focus on the usage of video title, video thumbnail, meta tags, keywords and meta description. If you use all such tools in smart manner, you can grab the high amount of targeted audience and also get top position on search engine rankings.
  3. If you want more traffic or more SEO value then you should host your videos on your own domains. Vimeo and YouTube have their own place but you should them on your own domain for higher SEO value.
  4. Link building and social media sharing of videos is great tools to enhance the reachability of your videos. In link building, you can generate many links to your website and some of them to the mist popular domain also. Try to share your videos on social media websites to target your audience.
  5. Product videos are perhaps the most common way to enhance the conversion rate of your website using video content. Hundreds and thousands of companies are using of product videos these days, and it’s easy to see why.
 What is video SEO?

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