Why Bing Places for Business?


Local business listing  affects your search engine ranking  also people are increasingly using their mobile devices to search close by business. There are websites that are very important to use if you want to be visible in local search like google, Bing and Yelp. but if you haven’t  set up profiles/pages on these sites then you’re going to miss traffic and sales.

With the new Bing Places for Business claiming and verifying your business on Bing is quick and easy. Lets us talk about importance of  Bing Places for Business which has  replaced the Bing Business Portal.

  1. Bing is default search engine on Window smartphones. Windows Mobile become the third most popular mobile operating system. Listing  business on Bing Places means that it will be visible on  the Windows Mobile mapping app, as well as in the Web browser search.
  2. Bing is the default search engine for desktop and tablet versions of Windows 8 and 10.After  the launch of Windows 8.1, Bing has become more popular as  it now being part of the Windows 8.1 integrated search feature.
  3. Bing has features which allow you to create coupons and group discounts. You can  associate these with your business listing or you can publish them on other online marketing resources, such as social media.
  4. It the the second largest search engine after google.
 Why Bing Places for Business?

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