Why Mobile friendly Website is requirement of 2016?


  1. Mobile Search is more than desktop:-Two weeks after the launch of Mobilegeddon, Google announced that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in top 10 countries including the United States and Japan.”
    So, It is now very important to be visible on mobile for large mobile search traffic.
  2. Mobile Users Need:-Mobile users want information easily and quickly, so, we  need to optimize site for mobile devices for quick and easy access of data. Content and images should  be optimizes in such a way that they can load faster.
  3. Brand Engagement: People like those  brand more when the brand offer a satisfying mobile experience and there is more chance of these mobile user to visit your site on desktop. On the other hand if your website is difficult to access and navigate on mobile devices customers are more likely to go to the competitor websites.
  4. Increased Conversion Rate: Normal desktop websites on mobile are ineffective at converting site visitors into buyers. Calls to action are often not visible, links are difficult to click and contact pages very difficult to reach.
  5. Reduce Your Bounce Rate: Content (Text and images) that looks attractive on a desktop platform might be unreadable on a mobile device. Visitors won’t stay on a site if they are not able to access content easily. It increases the bounce rate.

By providing mobile visitors great user experience (UX) we will engage visitors for longer time can generate sales or enquire.

 Why Mobile friendly Website is requirement of 2016?

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